Conversation with Ian Homerston for the Exhibition On Land at 53 Beck Road, London, 2018.

So I’ve been thinking about painting and landscape in a very loose way… more of a
sense of landscape rather than depiction I guess.
I have been reading a lot about the Brian Eno album On Land especially Mark
Fisher's writing about it in relation to the Eerie.... It kind of jogged my memory about
asking if you would be interested in possibly working on something together? Maybe
to do with painting and landscape?

Have you been watching Twin Peaks? This makes me think of the landscapes/
environments in that. Places which don't seem to have a fixed scale or boundaries,
so the landscape isn't acting as a backdrop but as a kind of form.
Scale and size sound like they could be quite important here.
The relation of size and scale is something that I have been very interested in
recently, especially how they work within a space... but also the scale of the
information in the painting. I have been thinking a lot about these fundamentals of
making a painting, the basic ingredients.

I came across this line in an essay which reminded me of the writing on Eno you
mentioned. It talks about "making interiority visible - and converting ground into
figure". The idea of converting ground into figure sounds quite connected to what
we're each doing at the moment... And also seems to resonate with the Eno quote
about landscape ceasing to be a backdrop.

I’ve been thinking about the idea of a conversation and that we could really pare the
show down so we only showed one or two works each that were in conversation with
each other... whether it be material, colour, scale.

Lets keep sending stuff back and forth and see what sparks off - I really like the
middle of those three (the one with the blue curve on it), looks like a really strange
One of them feels a bit Patrick Heron, but also like it could lead somewhere
Btw have been looking at this painting a lot recently and thinking how good it is!

oh wow, haven't seen that in a while.... that could be interesting actually... we both
have each others paintings in our homes...
I would be up for showing a really old one if it worked.... feels like a deeper

Yeah it hadn't occurred to me to show something older but that could be really good,
maybe more interesting than only showing things that we've made in the last month
or whatever. Would be quite unexpected
That makes me think there's something potentially interesting about how we used to
both be making work in the same place in London, both moved to different parts of
the country, and end upbringing our work together in the same part of London again.
Maybe something to do with the physical distance between our work and how the
initial idea to put it together came out of talking about landscape?... also connects
to the fact like you say that we have each other's work in our homes.
I had the exact same thoughts about our movement to different locations and the way
the work has changed proximity but maybe moved closer. Yes I think it could
definitely be interesting to have older work in the mix, I have a couple of yours at
home, I'll take a pic...